Andy Koff of Atropos Therapeutics – Preventing Quiescent Cells from Turning Senescent – Simple BioTech Podcast #4

Dr. Andrew Koff is a molecular biologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer center. He studies the biochemical, genetic, and cellular mechanisms that control how cells replicate and how they decide to continue replicating or stop. This research has many applications in oncology and aging research. He is also the founder and President of Atropos Therapeutics, a company working to use research into aging to extend the human healthspan.

Mike West of Age X Therapeutics – Pluripotent Stem Cells, Telomerase & Human Regeneration: Simple BioTech Podcast #3

Dr. Michael D. West is the founder and CEO of AgeX Therapeutics, a biotechnology company whose mission is to develop and commercialize therapeutics aimed at treating the biological causes of aging to extend human health and life span. He was also the Founder and CEO of Geron, another biotech company focused on developing pharmaceutical treatments for the biological causes of aging. Dr. West is a leading researcher in the fields of stem cells and cellular aging.

Graham Pawelec – A Discussion of the Immune Systems Role in Aging & Cancer: Simple BioTech Podcast #2

Dr. Graham Pawelec is, one of the world’s top academics in the fields of oncology, immunotherapy, and aging. He serves as the editor of multiple academic journals, including Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy; Immunity and Aging; The Journal of Translational Medicine; and Mechanisms of Aging and Development. He is a member of the scientific advisory board for Repair Biotechnologies Inc. In this episode, host James Ruhle talks to Dr. Pawlec about how our immune system changes as we age.

Senolytx Therapeutics and How they Are Tackling Senescent Cells: Simple BioTech Podcast #1

Tim Cash is the Chief Scientific Officer of Senolytx Therapeutics, a biotech company developing novel medicines to improve and extend human lives by targeting senescent cells. One of the biggest hallmarks of aging, senescent cells produce toxins that lead to inflammation. Host James Ruhle talks to Cash about the biology of senescent cells and their significance to aging.